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Its baffling this craving for momos, sometimes all it takes is the weather app hinting at a chance of rain that evening to take us back to our mothers’ kitchens where momos were made on whims and life was simpler.  But as life gets busier you can neither find the time nor the inclination to put in the love that perfect plate of hot juicy steaming momos demand. So, we came up with a plan:...

Momo Facts

  • The best way to eat a dumpling is in one bite.
  • If you can't use chopsticks, eat your dumplings with your fingers.
  • You can tell whether your dumpling was cooked fresh or frozen by looking at the skin.
  • Do not defrost the frozen dumplings, no matter which method you are using.
  • Occasionally a frozen dumpling will be suitable for more than one cooking method.
Steam Dumplings
Fried Dumplings
Kothey Dumplings
Chilly Dumplings