Momo Facts

  • The best way to eat a dumpling is in one bite.
    Dumplings are designed to be consumed in one mouthful, as it’s the best way to enjoy the combination of the meat filling and the very thin and springy flour wrapper
  • If you can’t use chopsticks, eat your dumplings with your fingers.
    Avoid using a fork at all costs, as piercing the dumpling will compromise the flavor.
  • You can tell whether your dumpling was cooked fresh or frozen by looking at the skin.
  • Do not defrost the frozen dumplings, no matter which method you are using.
    They go straight from frozen into the cooking method. If you de-frost frozen dumplings, they will get stuck together.
  • Occasionally a frozen dumpling will be suitable for more than one cooking method, but often they are made for specific cooking methods so check the packaging to see if they are intended for steaming, boiling, or frying.